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Moai Body Piercing è il vostro studio professionale di Body Piercing, il primo a Genova. Il laboratorio mette a vostra disposizione esperienza, tecniche di sterilizzazione appropriate, aghi monouso e un vasto assortimento di gioielli in acciaio chirurgico, titanio, niobio, plexiglass bioplast. Tutto, inoltre, avviene nella massima igiene e sicurezza. Non serve la prenotazione (Jonathan 347.0661852).

Scarica il file (Come curare il tuo piercing): After Care (358 download)

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  • Where to Get Your Ears Pierced: The Store Locator 11 Ottobre 2019
    Getting your ears pierced should be about making memories, not stressing over finding the right ear piercing location. This is why we created our Store Locator. Our goal at Inverness is to make this special day in your life as easy and carefree as possible, so the only thing you need to worry about is […]
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  • Ear Piercing Supplies: Be Prepared 3 Ottobre 2019
    Are you getting ready for your first ear piercing? If so, congratulations! After you decide where you’ll have your ears pierced and the type of piercing earrings you want to pair with your style, the next step is to make sure you’re prepared for the aftercare process. Not sure what you need for basic care […]
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  • Is Your Daughter Ready to Care for Newly Pierced Ears? 27 Settembre 2019
    She’s a year older, and now that she has started a new school year, you’ve heard from her over and over again that she wants her ears pierced. The big question is: is she ready? Here are some questions you can ask your daughter to determine whether now is the right time for her first […]
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  • Understanding the Basics of Using Ear Piercing Solution 20 Settembre 2019
    Before getting your ears pierced, it’s important to have a basic understanding of the aftercare process for a new piercing. Ear piercing care and aftercare are critical for making sure your new piercing stays healthy and heals properly. Here we discuss what you need to know about caring for your new piercing. Before we get […]
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  • A New Ear Piercing Story from China 12 Settembre 2019
    Everyone has a story, especially when it comes to their first ear piercing. While each experience is different, understanding the Inverness ear piercing system prior to your first piercing is beneficial. Liu from China shared her Inverness piercing story with us. As you can see, she was pleased to learn how gentle and quick the […]
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  • Men and Ear Piercing: What’s in Style 6 Settembre 2019
    Men’s piercing styles have evolved over the years, but there are many classic ear piercing trends that will never gone out of style. Think about your favorite celebrities. How many can you name that have at least one ear piercing? Likely more than a few! From Zayn Malik and Shawn Mendes to David Beckham and […]
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  • How Much Do You Know About Ear Piercing? 30 Agosto 2019
    Did you know there are jewelry stores that pierce ears? Where else can you get a piercing, and how long does it take to take for one to heal? Test your knowledge with our ear piercing quiz. 1. On average, how long does it take for an earlobe piercing to heal? a. 3 weeks b. […]
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  • Ear Piercing Care as you Head Back to School 16 Agosto 2019
    Heading back to school with a new ear piercing, but not sure how you’re going to be able to stick to your new aftercare routine? Here are some tips to help you prepare for ear piercing care when you’re back in school! Create a list Everybody loves buying new school supplies. Since you have a […]
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  • Tips for Planning a New Ear Piercing for Back to School 9 Agosto 2019
    Are you thinking about going back-to-school with a new ear piercing? Here are some tips to help you prepare. Timing We understand life gets busy, especially in the summer months! If you can, try to get your new ear piercing a few weeks before school starts. This will give you time to get into a […]
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  • A Beginners Guide to Piercing Earring Care 18 Luglio 2019
    Caring for your newly-pierced ears includes both your piercing site and your starter piercing earrings. Following are earring care instructions to help ensure that your new piercing heals properly. DURING THE HEALING PERIOD Keep Things Clean – This might seem obvious, but always keep both your piercing site and starter earrings clean. Before touching your […]
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